Adoption Info

My Tiny Tot Shih-Tzu Puppies join their new homes with:

September 4, 2021

ALERT: There is someone on Facebook who is using my Tiny Tot Name and logo above and saying they are affiliated with us (THEY ARE NOT!). I do NOT sell my puppies on Facebook!
 They are absolutely NOT affiliated with us. Many people have reported this to Facebook and I have filled out an IP report form and so far nothing has been done.  Please be careful! We are located in Semmes (Mobile), AL if you see another's NOT us!

  • Lifetime of support from me - I am always here to answer all of your questions, FOREVER!
  • Health Certificate - A complete Health Check and certificate from my vet just before your puppy comes home. This is to ensure your puppy is healthy, my vet routinely check each puppy's heart, eyes, ears, mouth, hips, and genitals. 
  • Home Again Microchip (permanent identification for your puppy) - Home Again Microchip Info
  • Health Guarantee - I stand behind my puppies 100% with my 1 year health guarantee
  • Vaccinations - Your new Tiny Tot puppy will be current on shots and de-wormings. I de-worm all of my puppies every 2 weeks until they are 12 weeks old.
  • Grooming - I start trimming toe nails and trimming each puppy's face, feet, and behind when they are 2 weeks old and give them their first bath when they are 4 - 6 weeks old.  All of my puppies have several grooming sessions so they are well adjusted to being groomed and join their new families fresh and clean. 
  • AKC Registration Papers - AKC (American Kennel Club) limited registration for your pet puppy will be released after I receive proof of spay/neuter. 
  • Toy and Blanket - To help with the transition a toy and blanket that the puppy and litter mates have played and slept with. 
  • Dog Food -  Enough food that your puppy has been eating to last a few days. 
  • Tons of socialization and tender loving care - From the day my puppies are born until the minute they leave my home they are held, snuggled, and played with!  I truly love my puppies and it shows, they are confident, playful, love to be held, give sweet puppy kisses and wag their tails non-stop. 
  • Lifetime access to my BFF's Community! All of my previous and future puppy parents have access to this.:0)
  • Hand Delivered - All of my puppies are hand-delivered by me!  It's an unforgettable moment and pleasure to meet my puppy parents, introduce them to their new family member, and welcome them into the Tiny Tot Imperial Shih-Tzu Family!


I want to make sure my tiny Shih-Tzu puppies are the right fit for you and your family, as well as making sure I'm the right breeder for you.  

Step 1: Fill out the puppy adoption form. This will tell me about you, your family, and what you are looking for as well as things that you might be concerned about that I can help you with. 

Step 2: Once I receive the adoption form, I will look everything over and set up a time to call you. This is a great time for you to have a list of questions for me! These calls are usually 30 - 45 minutes, it's wonderful to connect and get to know each other a little bit more. Choosing your breeder is a VERY important step in finding the right puppy for your family.  It is extremely important to connect with the breeder before ever choosing your puppy.

Step 3: Once I make the puppies available at 4 - 6 weeks of age, those on the EWL will pick their puppy in the order that I received their deposit. Half of the balance is due once you choose your puppy, the remaining balance is due 3 weeks before your puppy comes home.

Step 4: Any puppy that is available in the Nursery, depending on the age of the puppy, half or the balance in full is due when puppy is chosen.

Keep in mind, all of the puppies in the Nursery will be available until I receive a firm commitment and notification of payment being sent. At that time, the puppy will be stated as Adopted.