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Page Updated on April 2, 2022

I am beginning a new adventure which I'll be sharing about on here. 
I will not be having any more litters in 2022 and we will see what 2023 brings!
So if you see anyone advertising puppies using my name...they are NOT mine and not affiliated with me in any way.!
I am removing my phone number from here as I will not be available for phone calls.
My advice to everyone is RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH! Get on the phone and connect with the breeder. 
If they say they are affiliated with someone, get in touch with them and see if it is true.

September 4, 2021

ALERT: There is someone on Facebook who is using my Tiny Tot Name and logo above and saying they are affiliated with us (THEY ARE NOT!). I do NOT sell my puppies on Facebook!
 They are absolutely NOT affiliated with us. Many people have reported this to Facebook and I have filled out an IP report form and so far nothing has been done.  Please be careful! We are located in Semmes (Mobile), AL if you see another's NOT us!

I specialize in the Imperial size Shih-Tzu, 2.5 - 8 lbs full grown. All of my puppies join their new family with my 1 year health guarantee, a lifetime of support from me and access to Tiny Tot's BFFs, beginning of training, lots of love, and much much more.  I am proud of the breeding program I have built over the last 14 years and am truly grateful to a select few of the outstanding breeders I have gotten some of my Imperial Shih-Tzu from.   My main goal in raising the wonderful Shih-Tzu breed is to improve and produce healthy sound outstanding quality boutique puppies in a tiny package that I stand behind 100%.   

The prices of my puppies start at $3000 and go up from there. I have spent A LOT of time, money, and hard work dedicated to my fur-babies.  I do not cut corners on anything and they receive the best of everything: vet care, grooming, training, toys, beds, blankets, clothes,...and the list goes on.  This is my life's work that I have critiqued over the last 10 plus years to be the finest, truly elite. My puppies are ONLY for those who desire the extraordinary, who want the best of the best, and can truly recognize and appreciate the time and work I've dedicated to my Imperial Shih-Tzu and puppies. I go above and beyond my puppy parents expectations and make each adoption experience unforgettable.  You will find love stories, social proof, references/testimonials from those who absolutely love and adore their Tiny Tot Shih-tzu puppy(ies) throughout my website.   

How I Determine the Price of Each Puppy

I price each puppy individually when they are 4 - 6 weeks old, based on quality and conformation first, then size and color. Size and color do NOT determine the price of the puppy. I could have a bigger puppy priced higher than a smaller puppy if the overall quality/conformation is nicer.  

I strive to produce beautiful baby doll smooshy faces, large round heads, big eyes with no visible eye white, high set noses, and nice bites. I also strive for short legs and body, straight back and legs, nice tail sets, and beautiful thick double coats. 


Body - Roached back or curved top line
Head - Narrow head
Eyes - Close set eyes, walleye or cross eye, lack of roundness
Muzzle - Lack of definite stop, receding chin, long muzzle, curved of down sloping
Bite - Overshot
Legs - Bowed legs, out at the elbows
Tail - Straight tail
Pigmentation - Pink spots and/or lack of pigment on nose, eye rims, and lips

Bite - Teeth showing when mouth is close, tongue protrudes from the mouth
Tail - Low set, kinked tail, tight curled tail
Feet - Pointing out or in
Coat - Single coat, curly or kinky

Hernias and pinched nostrils are things you should be aware of but understand these are common in the breed. They are not life threatening and both can be fixed at the time of spay/neuter if needed.

There are many colors in the Shih-Tzu breed: black, gold, white, red, chocolate, liver, brindle, blue, silver, etc. As you can see there are an array of colors in solid, parti (2 color like red & white), and tri-color (3 colors like gold, white, and black). Some colors are more rare and some are more desired than others. It is just a personal preference for everyone. I love all of the colors and can see the beauty in each one. 

I do my best to estimate the size of each puppy looking at many factors: size of parents, grandparents, and siblings, previous litters, the overall lineage of the puppies. I use the method below to help determine approximate adult weight. 
8 week old puppy weight x 3 = approx. adult weight
10 weeks old puppy weight x 2 +1 = approx. adult weight
12 week old puppy weight x 2 = approximate adult weight

I usually do a 2 lb weight range but as a puppy gets older then I'll do a 1 lb weight range. Going by what the puppy is tracking to be and then adding 2. So if a puppy is tracking to be 3 lbs, I'll estimate the puppy to be 3 - 5 lbs. or if the puppy is 12 weeks or older, I would say 3 - 4 lbs. 

Some people are looking for a specific weight and everyone deserves to have what they are looking for. I am very up front about the weights of my puppies and if I feel a puppy will be bigger or smaller I let my puppy parents know so they can decide if that is still the puppy for them. If you are unhappy with your puppy, then you and your puppy will be unhappy and no one wants that...especially me!  I do everything I can to make sure you get what you are looking for but the one thing it takes from you is patience.  Keep in mind, I can not control the sex/color/size that is born in each litter.  It is always an exciting surprise when puppies are born and watching them grow and develop each and every day.  

Shih-Tzu under 9 lbs. are considered an Imperial....
I break it down into the following categories for my Tiny Tot Shih-Tzu
Standard size Shih-Tzu: 9 - 16 lbs. 
Tiny Type Shih-Tzu: 7 - 9 lbs. 
Itty Bitty Imperial Shih-Tzu: 2 - 6 lbs. 
Keep in mind, my prices are NOT based on size alone, I will not price a puppy higher just based on size. All of these factors (Conformation/Color/Size) are taken into consideration when I price my puppies, conformation is my priority and is the major determining factor behind my pricing. 
It is impossible to know the size of a newborn puppy, the older they are the more I can tell about each puppy and the cuter they get. 

Invested Time
I have unimaginable time invested in my moms, dads, and is literally a 24 - 7 job, but a job that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE! Most of my family and friends call me the "crazy dog lady"! I always say,... YES, I am crazy about my dogs!  I love everything about breeding: moms and their pregnant bellies, feeling the puppies move, and seeing them kick through their moms tummies, whelping puppies waiting for each puppy to arrive. Guessing will it be a girl or a boy? What color will he/she be? How big is he? And seeing my moms faces and the love she has for her puppies, it is a joyful experience that I'm excited about every single time.  I've been known to sleep in an x-pen with a new mom and her babies just to make sure everything is OK for the first couple of nights after she has puppies.  Seeing the puppies eyes peep open for the first time, wobbling around learning how to walk, and then watch out, now they are running and playing with each other. The first time they eat real puppy kibble and get their faces and paws all dirty.  My puppies are a lot of hard work, but bring so much love and happiness into everyone's life that they meet.

Tiny Tot Shih-Tzu puppies come with:

 - Lifetime of support - I am here to answer all of your questions, forever!
- Health Certificate - A complete health check and certificate from one of my vets just before the puppy comes home. This is to ensure the puppy is healthy. My vets routinely check each puppy's heart, eyes, hips, genitals, a full body check
- Home Again Microchip (permanent identification for your puppy)
- 1- year health guarantee
- Vaccinations-  all Tiny Tot puppies are current on shots and de-wormed every 2 weeks from birth on. 
-Grooming- Tiny Tot Shih-Tzu puppies have at least two grooming sessions by the time they leave. 
-AKC Registration Papers - Limited registration papers are released after proof of spay or neuter is received. 
-Toy and Blanket that the whole litter has played with and slept on to make the transition a little smoother. 
-Dog Food - enough puppy food to last a few days
-Training - potty pad training and depending on the age of the puppy basic puppy training to start them off. 
-Lifetime access to Tiny Tot's BFF's
-Lots of love and socialization from the day they are born!
-Hand Delivered - All of my puppies are hand-delivered by me! It's an unforgettable moment and pleasure to meet my puppy parents, introduce them to their new family member, and personally welcome them into the Tiny Tot Imperial Shih-Tzu Family!