Tiny Tot Shih-Tzu's Puppy Family Love Letters

Page Updated on April 2, 2022

I am beginning a new adventure which I'll be sharing about on here. 
I will not be having any more litters in 2022 and we will see what 2023 brings!
So if you see anyone advertising puppies using my name...they are NOT mine and not affiliated with me in any way.!
I am removing my phone number from here as I will not be available for phone calls.
My advice to everyone is RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH! Get on the phone and connect with the breeder. 
If they say they are affiliated with someone, get in touch with them and see if it is true.

September 4, 2021

ALERT: There is someone on Facebook who is using my Tiny Tot Name and logo above and saying they are affiliated with us (THEY ARE NOT!). I do NOT sell my puppies on Facebook!
 They are absolutely NOT affiliated with us. Many people have reported this to Facebook and I have filled out an IP report form and so far nothing has been done.  Please be careful! We are located in Semmes (Mobile), AL if you see another's NOT us!

Thank you to all of those who have emailed and/or called to compliment me on my website and the information I provide throughout my website; as well as how I show the love and care that goes into my Imperial Shih-Tzu.   I am always here to answer any questions you have, even if you do not adopt a Shih-Tzu puppy from me.  Pictures and videos speak 1000 words, I hope the pictures and videos you see throughout my site tell a story....the story of how I am owned by my Imperial Shih-Tzu! From my heart to your family... 

My husband and I are thrilled with our puppies Nitro, 8months, and Ruby, 10 months, who we adopted from Kim Schwindt (Tiny Tot Shih-Tzu). They are happy, healthy and absolutely the most beautiful dogs my husband and I have ever seen. She guarantees their health and when I took them to their first veterinarian appointment, my vet was truly impressed with the health records that Kim sent and the general quality of the dogs.  
Ruby and Nitro are little "rock stars" and people always want to give them attention.  They are sturdy little dogs and were easy to house train. They are very smart. Ruby and Nitro have added so much joy to our lives. My husband comments daily that he cannot imagine life without them. 
We regularly hear from Kim who is anxious to hear about our "children". They are still members of her family. We send her pictures of them all the time. 
I would certainly recommend Kim if you are looking to purchase a beautiful, bright, and healthy puppy! Linda Groen

Tiny Tot Shih Tzu Tiny Imperial Shih Tzu Praise

Ruby & Nitro are being loved, spoiled, and adored by The Groen Family in Kentucky!

BIG THANK YOU! I absolutely love my little girl Kneesa! My precious little girl was adopted from Kim Schwindt owner of Tiny Tot Shih-Tzu in October of 2014. She is my pride and joy, all 4.7 lbs of her. Kneesa was a retired mommy at 2.5 years old when I became her forever mom. I was very skeptical of buying a puppy via the internet fearing a scam, but Kim made it an EXCELLENT experience for me!! She was up front and honest from the start. Kim is very knowledgable of the breed as well as informative answering every question by phone, text, and/or email. When I requested a video of Kneesa to view her disposition Kim did not hesitate. She forwarded me additional photos and a video of my little girl within 24 hours. When I picked Kneesa up, I couldn't believe what a beautiful Chinese Imperial Shih-Tzu she was. When I held her I could immediately tell by her wonderful temperament that she came from a very loving and caring home. Kneesa jumped right in my lap and kissed my face over and over. When we got home it was as if she had lived with me for years. Kneesa was exactly what Kim said she was and more. Kneesa is very socialized and has a ton of personality. My vet was quite impressed with Kneesa when I took her for her first check-up. All of his employees immediately fell in love with my little girl. They took turns holding her and exclaiming what a precious, sweet, beautiful puppy she was. Kneesa is a perfect Chinese Imperial Shih-Tzu. Thank you Tiny Shih-Tzu for being an honest and ethical breeder. If you desire a puppy that comes from a loving and caring family look no further!!" Best, Kathie

Tiny Tot Shih Tzu Retired Imperial Shih Tzu mom

Tiny Tot Shih Tzu Retired Imperial Shih Tzu mom

After much research, we finally found the right breed of dog to consider. Then, with a lot of luck and her fantastic website; we found the right breeder in Kim and Tiny Tot Shih-Tzu.  Along came Tad, who has completely stolen our hearts.  We are very sure we made the right decision to bring Tad into our lives and our home. The decision wasn't an easy one to make, as we had recently lost our Aussie to cancer and couldn't imagine another dog being a member of our family.  Thank goodness for Kim's understanding and kind advice.  We have found the joy of being owned by a dog can be duplicated! Now we can't imagine a day without Tad. It's been an extremely positive experience and we are very thankful to Kim, her family, and the family of Tiny Tot Shih-Tzu.  We're glad to be a part of the family now, too! Mike, Natalie, Savanna, and Michael Haugse

Tiny Tot Shih Tzu Tad Imperial Shih Tzu puppy

Tad is being loved, spoiled, and adored by the Haugse Family in Illinois!

I was more than happy to write this reference on behalf of Kim and The Tiny Tot Shih-Tzu Family. She is one of the most dedicated breeders I ever came across. To say that she "cares" is an understatement. Kim treats all her fur-balls like family. The entire adoption process was extremely smooth. I was kept up to date with many informative emails and pictures. The website was always up-to-the-minute with details on the births and the growing of the puppies.  Not only that, but the information available on the website was extremely helpful.  My family and I have adopted 2 gorgeous Imperial Shih-Tzu puppies from Kim and what a pleasure it has been! Since we have received the puppies Kim has kept in close contact for any support we may need. I truly believe Kim is a committed breeder and I am very honored to be a part of the Tiny Tot Shih-Tzu Family! Lisa Meciak

Tiny Tot Shih Tzu Tiny Imperial Shih Tzu puppy Reese

Reese and Rondo are being loved, spoiled, and adored by the Meciak Family in MA!

Thank you so much Kim (Tiny Tot Shih-Tzu) for all the ways you helped us find our perfect little "fur-baby".  We did A LOT of research, and were so thrilled to finally find the BEST Shih-Tzu breeder!  We could tell by your awesome website, and the great conversations with you that we finally found the right place.  You clearly wanted to do all you could to find the right match for us. You've been honest, caring, and informative when addressing questions / concerns.  We want others to know that you genuinely care about your puppies, and continue to, even after you've placed a puppy with his new family.  We appreciate you  making us feel comfortable about contacting you anytime we have questions.  Mickey loves to run through the snow, and has been doing real good with going potty outside.   He is certainly our little "baby"...and we love him dearly! He's adorable and perfect, and has brought us so much joy and happiness during our first week with him. He will be loved, adored, and spoiled always! Thanks so much for everything Kim - Laurie, Tom, and Mickey

Tiny Tot Shih Tzu Imperial Shih Tzu Illinois

Mickey is being loved, spoiled, and adored by Laurie and Tom in Illinois!

Choosing the right breeder is not a decision that should be taken lightly. When you think about it, the dog you adopt will be a member of your family for many many years to come. Therefore, the consequences of choosing the wrong breeder can follow you around for a long time. With so many "breeders" out there that are are only interested in making money, finding someone driven by passion instead of profit is not an easy task.  After a lot of research and little bit of luck, I FINALLY came across Kim at Tiny Tot Shih-Tzu. She is amazing! Every week from the time your puppy is born, you can expect to receive new pictures and updates.  I have not been able to stop bragging about her since I brought my little "Bentley" home. He is an amazingly handsome, smart, and well adjusted little dog. By 16 weeks olf age, he already knew the commands sit, down, speak, fetch, give paw AND was almost 100% house trained.  From the day we picked him up, it was obvious that A LOT of time, love, and dedication went into this perfect little puppy. Kim, we cannot thank you enough!  Angela

Tiny Tot Shih Tzu Benny Tiny Imperial Shih Tzu

Benny is being loved, spoiled, and adored by Angela in New York!

"Bee Bee" is absolutely FABULOUS! Chad and I can't begin to put into words how happy we are to have him as part of our family. :0) My entire family (all 9 of them) came over tonight to meet our newest fur-baby and we decided to name him Leo Demetrius Woodgeard. Leo was fabulous with the kids (ages 4 - 9) and he loves his new big brother Zeb and big sister Phoebe. Needless to say, Leo stole the show and everyone is absolutely in love with him.  
It is apparent that you and your family acclimated him to everything he would experience in a normal family environment. The love and attention you gave him shines through in all that he does! Leo is a total love bug who enjoys carrying around his toys and snuggling in our laps. Your hard work and dedication to breeding the best Imperial Shih-Tzu's is to be commended! Julie Woodgeard

Tiny Tot Shih Tzu Imperial Shih Tzu Leo

Leo is being loved, spoiled, and adored by Julie in Ohio

You are the Rolex of dog breeding Kim! Put simple, you are the best.  The care in which you breed is apparent given the wonderful temperament of the beautiful little puppy I received from you.  The care, love, and attention you give your puppies is very apparent in her responses to things she is being exposed to in her new home.  My standards for this puppy were very high, I really wanted a warm, sweet, loving, well-adjusted dog...she is ALL that and more. I really could not be happier and I will in the future get another dog from you. I would be more than pleased to provide you a reference to anyone who wishes to call one of your customers.  There are just not enough words to describe the care you give all of your dogs! Thank you, I will always be grateful to you for producing such a wonderfully tempered animal. Sincerely, Lisa

Tiny Tot Shih Tzu Vibrant Red Shih Tzu Puppy

Cara is being loved, spoiled, and adored by Lisa in Wisconsin

I want to thank you for the chance to have such a great pup! We loved the care and special touches you provided as we watched our little boy grow from a helpless little bundle to a beautiful, active young pup. The weekly almost professional photos helped us become even more attached to our Peanut. I was sooo grateful that Peanut was relatively potty trained to use the pee pad. He's so good with potty training, my husband quickly commented how happy he was that the torture of potty training was so easy this time. Your friendliness and willingness to always answer any of my questions was greatly appreciated. I feel that you truly care about your puppies and it shows in lil' Peanut! I didn't mind waiting for our puppy because you were so good keeping us updated with developmental milestones and we loved all of your updated photos. I would definitely recommend Kim at Tiny Tot Shih-Tzu as a top notch breeder, and who knows, I may go through this adoptive process with you again in the future! Love ~ The Kim Family

Tiny Tot Shih Tzu Peanut Kim Family Reference

Peanut is being loved, spoiled, and adored by the Kim Family in Ohio!

Zeek is the perfect little munckin! From his personality to his color to his cute little short - legged and cobby body, we couldn't have asked for more!  Our vet said your paperwork and vaccines you use are top of the line and he rarely sees this with new puppies, so kuddos to you Kim!  With all of that said, the thing I was MOST impressed with in you, besides getting the cleanest and best groomed puppy in the world when we picked him up, was the weekly pictures you religiously sent from birth to the day we picked our baby up. Your stories you sent along each weeks with the pictures made the long wait tolerable.  Did I mention the video of him playing with his brothers and sisters was absolutely delightful! I also want the world to know that our little baby already knew his name when we picked him up from you. That doesn't sound like a big thing, but to anyone who has a new puppy, you know what I'm talking about.  Thank you so much Kim for all those little special things you do, as this makes you the top-of -the-line breeder that very few can match. 
And here is a picture of Zsa Zsa (2nd puppy from Kim at Tiny Tot Shih-Tzu)! She is now six months old, weighs 2.1 lbs and is absolutely the most gorgeous color of orange I have ever seen! She is beautiful, very smart, and potty trained to go outside.  The premium quality and personality of your dogs is unsurpassed.  From her cute characteristics and demeanor to her gorgeous coat, color, and very petite frame.  And oh my gosh...I do mean color! This is the second baby we have gotten from you and I can't imagine going to anyone else.  Thank you again for the most beautiful bundle of perfection we could ever ask for!  (Little Zeek just loves his baby sister and says thank you too!)

Tiny Tot Shih Tzu Zeek and Zsa Zsa Reference from Debbie

Zeek & Zsa Zsa are being loved, spoiled, and adored by Debbie in Des Moines, IA

Just wanted to say thanks for Lila AKA "Lilly". She is such a delight to our family.  The kids fight over her because they want to spend time with her. She now sleeps in almost every bed, switching every night between the kids...and she loves it! My husband, Nick, told me this morning that we need another because there isn't enough Lilly to go around for all of them. :0) She really is such a great fit for our family and we couldn't be so thrilled.  I have people ask me all the time where we got her and we tell the story. If you ever retire another one of your adults, please let us know.  I think it made it so easy because she was already potty trained and out of the puppy stage.  Lilly has given us such an appreciation for an adult instead of a puppy. She is constantly laying on her back barking her happy little bark and twitching her little limbs.  You made one family super happy!! Thanks again, Sarah Hansel

Tiny Tot Shih Tzu Imperial Shih Tzu Retired Mom LIla

Lila is retired mom who is being loved, spoiled, and adored by the Hansel's in Eldridge, IA!

Fish is the love of our lives! He has the most amazing personality: cuddly, playful, friendly, silly, loving, and smart. He was trained to go on the wee wee pad the second I picked him up from your house! It didn't take long to train him to go potty outside. He loves everyone, especially kids.  Fish loves attention, but can also keep himself busy with all of his toys.  I can't walk down the street without someone asking if they can pet Fish. He "prances"when he walks and loves all the attention he can get.  He loves to take naps with me on the weekends after a long day of playing and prefers to sleep on his back.  His favorite toy is a squirrel squeaky toy, which he runs around the house with. Fish's favorite hangout is under the bed. My husband and I prefer to stay home and hang with Fish rather than go out with our friends! He is our little sweetheart. We can't wait to welcome Jaq to our family too. 
XOXO Shannon & Alan

Tiny Tot Shih Tzu Black Imperial Shih Tzu Fish

Fish is being loved, spoiled, and adored by Shannon and Alan in CT!

I spent months researching Shih-Tzu puppies for sale hoping to find one close to home.  I kept coming back to Tiny Tot Shih-Tzu's website. It was the most professional, informative, and exciting one out there. I love the way you keep it so updated. Finally reached out to you and felt very comfortable I could trust you once I talked to you.  This was a BIG decision for us to actually buy a puppy from half way across the U.S.  It has turned out to be one of the best decisions we ever made. Charly (we changed her name from Pebbles) is just incredible. She is small and perfect just like promised, however what is unexpected is what an incredible personality she has. Very warm and loving, she is so smart and happy. Brad flew to pick her up and all went so smooth. The next Monday we took her to the vet and was told she is perfect and we got a winner! Really appreciate the time you took to help us choose the right one.  It is very apparent you and Danielle put lots of effore and time into these puppies. Charly has settled into our home very well and will add so much to our lives.  I have a feeling we will do this again with you. Find her below next to our 9 lb little boy BJ to see her size along with her in her daddy's arms. All our thanks, Brad and Teri Miller - Murrieta, CA

Tiny Tot Shih Tzu Charlie an Imperial Shih Tzu

Charly being loved, spoiled, and adored by the Millers in California!

For one year I researched Shih-Tzu breeders from all over the country and decided Tiny Tot Shih-Tzu aka Itsy Bitsy Shih-Tzu was by far the best breeder that I could find. Kim and Danielle are very professional in every way.  They have a vast knowledge about this breed and quickly answer emails, phone calls, send pictures of the dogs. Kim sent me pictures of Angel and I felt like I knew her before I got her. I t was love at first sight. Angel is a perfect little bundle of joy. Kim and Danille gave her the right name. She is calm, sweet, smart, and has a playful personality. She is so loved and adored. The adoption process was very easy. Thank you for letting me be a part of your family. My veterinarian absolutely loves Angel, he said she was perfect!! Love Grace, Sevierville, TN

Tiny Tot Shih Tzu Imperial Shih Tzu Tennessee

Angel is being loved, spoiled, and adored by Grace in Tennessee

Hello, we are the Down Family and we got our fur baby bundle of joy early this year (2013). He has been the most perfect addition to our family. Simba is loving, playful and my kids can't get enough of him.  He is fabulous with the kids even allowing my 6 year old daughter to play tea party with him wearing a tiara. Simba also gets a lot of fetch time in with my almost 9 year old son. He adjusted well and pretty fast to his new home and we couldn't be happier. We had such a great experience with Tiny Tot Shih-Tzu and would and have recommended them to everyone! Thank you, The Down Family

Tiny Tot Shih Tzu Down Family Reference Letter

Simba is being loved, spoiled, and adored by the Down Family in Illinois

This is just a note to tell you how stunning and perfect Pico is. I literally can't take him anywhere without being stopped. People comment on his coloring and ask where I got him every single day. Not only is he gorgeous and precious, he's the MOST well behaved dog I think on the planet. He does not need to be walked on a leash, I can control him completely with voice commands. He is always just as sweet as can be. He's such a quiet little being, never barks or whines. He hasn't left my side since I got him, he's the absolute love of my life. Vets tell me I will never be able to find another dog like him, he's one in a million....once in a lifetime, Groomers can't get over how cute and well behaved he is. People just never stop singing his praises. When I am ready for another one, I wouln't dream of looking anywhere else.

Thank you Tiny Tot Shih-Tzu from the bottom of my heart.  Elena xoxo 

Due to timing and the desire to have a male puppy, we ended up adopting from one of your suggested breeders. We would have LOVED to be part of your Imperial Shih Tzu family. I continue to refer you and my breeder to anyone that asks about Oscar. (I do add that you get what you pay for, “Do your homework”. I can save friends and family a lot of time because you and I spent month after month going over every aspect of bringing an imperial shih-tzu home.) You were absolutely wonderful and I believe any family that works with you and adopts one of your gorgeous fur babies is going to be thrilled. It was a grueling process searching for my perfect puppy over several months and you were incredibly patient and helpful. I cannot count how many emails I sent containing question after question. You answered each question honestly and quickly. When we determined that it was going to be awhile before your next litter arrived and I was just too eager to wait, you helped me discern between other reputable loving breeders and those that are simply in the business of selling puppies. I never doubted that you were looking out for my best interests. You never slandered any other breeder and you are not competitive like some of the people I contacted. You simply encouraged me to do my research and not make any rash decisions at the sight of a cute puppy. There are breeders that you know and respect and you did not keep their names from me even though you had spent SO much time over the course of months developing a relationship and exchanging emails with me. You selflessly offered a few suggestions of breeders that could be a great fit for my family. The result has been perfect. I am not sure if I would have found the right lil’ guy had it not been for your guidance. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all of your help and wish you the best in your own program. I enjoy looking at your website and seeing all of the gorgeous little fur babies that are nurtured by you and your family.  Thanks again and I will keep in touch!  Erin