Tiny Tot Shih-Tzu Moms

Tiny Tot Shih Tzu Justice
Justice is our stunning mouth dropping black beauty who was born and raised here! She has the most gorgeous dark shimmering black coat. 
Miss Personality mixed with sweetness and a tad bit of sass. She is the most loving little girl who loves to snuggle in beds and blankets and of course on our laps.  We adore all 5.5 lbs of her! ‚Äč

Justice will be having one more litter and then will be retired. She's going to live The Walent Family in Chicago, she'll be their second Tiny Tot!

Tiny Tot Imperial Shih Tzu Black Beauty Justice

Tiny Tot Shih Tzu Jazzy Jazz Jasmine
Jasmine is our full of sweetness chocolate brown beauty who was born and raised here! 
She loves to be carried around, cuddle in our laps, and to give kisses. 
She has the ultimate sweetest face with big beautiful amber eyes and a tiny high-set dark chocolate nose. 
We love and adore all 6 lbs of her! 

Tiny Tot Imperial Shih Tzu Chocolate Shih Tzu Jasmine

Tiny Tot's Pixie 
Pixie is our our little diva that runs our house. She was born and raised here and had my heart the minute she was born.   She keeps everyone in their place and makes sure everyone knows that she is the boss.  She is a beautiful golden red with a ton of hair, short legs and body, with beautiful eyes, tiny high-set nose, nice bite and tail set. She is full grown and tops the scale at 4.5 lbs.  We are excited about her being a new mommy in 2019...fingers crossed! 

Tiny Tot Imperial Shih Tzu Pocket Puppy Pixie

Tiny Tot's Victoria
Our beautiful and glorious Victoria who was born and raised here. She is such a clown. I think she is part cat, she loves to sit on the arm of the couch and will stick her butt up in the air when she gets ready to playfully pounce on the others.  She has the most gorgeous Red & White coat, the red in her coat is very very vibrant and the white is a very bright white, she's absolutely stunning with beautiful eyes, tiny high set nose, nice tail set and bite.  She is full grown and weighs 5.5 lbs. We are excited about her being a new mommy in 2019!

Tiny Tot Imperial Shih Tzu Victoria

Tiny Tot's Harmony 
Harmony is the sweetest and most stunning cream girl who was born and raised here.  She acts a lot like her mom Bailey and also loves to talk with her paws. She has huge beautiful eyes, tiny high set nose, nice tail set and bit. She is full grown and weighs 6 lbs. 
We are excited about her being a new mommy in 2019!

Tiny Tot Imperial Shih Tzu Harmony

A Little Love Note From Kathy

"BIG THANK YOU! I absolutely love my little girl Kneesa! My precious little girl was adopted from Kim Schwindt owner of Tiny Tot Shih-Tzu in October of 2014. She is my pride and joy, all 4.7 lbs of her. Kneesa was a retired mommy at 2.5 years old when I became her forever mom. I was very skeptical of buying a puppy via the internet fearing a scam, but Kim made it an EXCELLENT experience for me!! She was up front and honest from the start. Kim is very knowledgable of the breed as well as informative answering every question by phone, text, and/or email. When I requested a video of Kneesa to view her disposition Kim did not hesitate. She forwarded me additional photos and a video of my little girl within 24 hours. When I picked Kneesa up, I couldn't believe what a beautiful Chinese Imperial Shih-Tzu she was.  When I held her I could immediately tell by her wonderful temperament that she came from a very loving and caring home. Kneesa jumped right in my lap and kissed my face over and over. When we got home it was as if she had lived with me for years. Kneesa was exactly what Kim said she was and more. Kneesa is very socialized and has a ton of personality. My vet was quite impressed with Kneesa when I took her for her first check-up. All of his employees immediately fell in love with my little girl. They took turns holding her and exclaiming what a precious, sweet, beautiful puppy she was. Kneesa is a perfect Chinese Imperial Shih-Tzu. Thank you Tiny Shih-Tzu for being an honest and ethical breeder. If you desire a puppy that comes from a loving and caring family look no further!!" Best, Kathie

Tiny Tot Shih Tzu Retired Imperial Shih Tzu mom