Tiny Tot Shih-Tzu's Dads

Tiny Tot Shih-Tzu Turbo
Turbo is our stunning mouth dropping Red & White boy who was born and raised here!
What a pleasure it has been to watch this little man grow. 
He is absolutely hysterical to watch run around and play...he's a total clown. 
He loves to be involved with everything I do...he follows me around everywhere and will try and help if I drop anything he's right there to pick it up LOL! 
He has a fantastic pedigree, filled with tiny and Champion lines
Turbo is perfect in every way and we love all 7.5 lbs. of him to pieces!

Turbo is being retired....if you are looking for the perfect companion, Turbo might be the one... Please fill out the Puppy Application if you are interested!

Tiny Tot Imperial Shih Tzu Gorgeous Red and White Turbo

Mr. Valentino (Tino...little T) our little white masterpiece,  itty bitty and cute as can be...and SO much personality!  We love all 3.5 lbs of him!!  Thank you so much Amy for this exquisite little guy, we love him to pieces.

Tiny Tot Imperial Shih Tzu White Imperial Shih Tzu Valentino

Tiny Tot's Picasso

Picasso will be going to live with the DeMonico Family in AL, he is their 2nd Tiny Tot!
Picasso is the most exquisite Red boy with white markings.  He was born and raised here and had us at hello!  He looks like he was dipped in paint and has the most stunning face with a gorgeous large round head, huge eyes, tiny high set nose, short legs and body, nice bite and tail set.  Picasso has tons of personality who loves to play with everyone he meets and is the sweetest snuggle bug. We love and adore all 4 lbs of him!​

Tiny Tot Imperial Shih Tzu Tiny Imperial Shih Tzu Picasso

A Little Love Note From Kelly

After following Tiny Tot Shih Tzu for a year, I got the opportunity to adopt Comet when he was 2 years old. At first I worried about whether or not he would adjust to a new home and family with already being 2, but to my surprise as soon as he got off the plane it was like he had always been mine.  The transition was without any difficulty. I picked him up from the airport and everything he needed for a smooth move was there as promised (food, toys, blanket, etc.) I am SO happy I chose to get Comet from Tiny Tot Shih-Tzu. He brightens my day and puts a smile on my face every time I walk in the door. He is the most lovable, sweet, little cuddle bug and I couldn't imagine not having him I have never seen a dog with such an amazing personality. 

Thank you Tiny Tot Shih-Tzu! xoxo Kelly

Tiny Tot Shih Tzu Dad Comet Testimonial