Health Guarantee & Contract

Tiny Tot's Health Guarantee and Contract is in place with each and every adoption to protect you, the puppy, and myself. 

After receiving your Adoption Form and we have spoken, you will receive a copy of the contract via email / mail and will need to initial, sign, and date then either mail or scan and email it back to be. Keep in mind, NO puppy will be placed until this contract has been signed and I receive it. 


The Dog, to the best of Seller’s knowledge, is in good health and free from symptoms of contagious and infectious diseases at the time of purchase. This sales contract is non-transferable. If Buyer does not adhere to all of the requirements in this contract, then the health guarantee will be considered null and void.


  1. The purchase price of Dog is  $____ .00 with limited registration as defined by the American Kennel Club. Monies are non-refundable. Registration fees are the sole responsibility of the buyer. Buyer is responsible for paying sales tax to their jurisdiction. _____ Buyer Initials
  2. A one year after sale replacement warranty (the “Replacement Warranty”) is given for life-threatening inherited genetic diseases that would severely impact the quality of life of the Dog or cause the Dog to expire. The conditions covered by the Replacement Warranty are limited to heart, kidney, and liver failure from the date of Dog’s birth. No other conditions are covered by the Replacement Warranty. The Replacement Warranty does not cover hypoglycemia, kennel cough, patella problems, hernias, pinched nostrils or diseases for which vaccinations could prevent. _____ Buyer Initials
  3. The Replacement Warranty is only valid if the following two conditions precedents are met: 1) Buyer has the Dog examined by a licensed veterinarian within 2 business days from the date Buyer takes possession of the Dog; 2) Buyer mails a copy of the exam to Seller that is post marked within 48 hours of the veterinarian exam. Seller, at Seller’s discretion, may choose to waive either or both conditions.   _____ Buyer Initials
  4. To evoke the Replacement Warranty, a notarized veterinarian report with findings stating, to a medical certainty, that the condition or death was in fact caused from the prenatal state is required. Buyer will be required to send the notarized veterinarian report by registered mail along with all of the Dog’s medical records. Seller’s veterinarian must confirm and agree with the diagnosis. The Seller will then give buyer a replacement purebred Shih Tzu dog of equal value and the same gender, from the next available litter. The Replacement Warranty will be terminated if the Dog was found to be abused, neglected, or does not have up to date vaccination records and fecal records. _______ Buyer Initials
  5. The Seller will assume no shipping costs associated with sale or the Replacement Warranty. _______ Buyer Initials
  6. As of the date of delivery, Seller confirms the Dog has received proper vaccinations and de-worming. Seller guarantees against parvovirus and distemper for 7 days after Buyer takes possession of the Dog. Diagnosis and lab result must be provided immediately to Seller within 24 hours of Veterinarian’s findings. _______ Buyer Initials
  7. The Seller assumes no responsibility for medical expenses, mortality, landlord’s disapproval, allergy, or any other undesirable circumstances once the Dog has left the seller’s premises. It is the sole responsibility of the buyer to treat the Dog for all medical conditions that arise after the Buyer assumes possession of the Dog.  ________ Buyer Initials
  8. Seller does not guarantee size, color, or temperament of the Dog. It is only an estimate based on seller’s experience and traits recognition. No guarantees are made as to adult color, size, and temperament. _______ Buyer Initials
  9. Buyer agrees to spay/neuter the Dog by 6 months of age and provide Seller with a veterinarian’s letter (certificate) as proof of spay/neuter. If Buyer fails to spay/neuter the Dog or fails to provide proof to seller by the time the Dog is 7 months of age, rights and ownership of the Dog will automatically be terminated and Dog will be relinquished to seller who may immediately assume possession of the Dog with no refund paid to Buyer. Buyer will be responsible for any and all fees incurred (attorney, court costs, filing, travel, shipping cost for Dog, etc.) in the safe recovery of returning the Dog to Seller. __________ Buyer Initials
  10. If the Dog is bred, buyer must pay seller $5,000, plus an additional $1,000 for each of the Dog’s offspring.  Any offspring will be placed on Seller’s Spay/Neuter contract. Buyer will be required to provide seller with the signed contracts and Dog buyers contact information.  _______ Buyer Initials
  11. The Dog must remain in the care of Buyer and reside in Buyer’s home. If for any reason Buyer is unable to keep or care for the Dog at any time during the Dog’s life, buyer agrees to surrender the Dog to the seller with all of the registration documents and medical records. Buyer agrees not to sell or give the Dog away under any circumstances. No monies will be refunded at any time for any reason. ______Buyer Initials
  12. Buyer agrees that the Dog will live inside the Buyer’s home and will not be housed outside for any length of time. _______ Buyer Initials
  13. Any disputes will be litigated in Mobile County in the state of Alabama. _______ Buyer Initials

BUYER: By signing below you have read and understand all the terms above stated in this contract.

BUYER’S Signature:___________________________________________________ Date:_____________________________

SELLER’S Signature:_________________________________________________ Date: ______________________________